Harmer Insulated Roof Outlets

Insulated Roof Outlets


Harmer Insulated outlets are used to eliminate condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging, mainly in metal deck warm and inverted roof installations.


Applications, Materials & Installation

  • Harmer Insulated outlets are used as an alternative to metal outlets in metal deck warm and inverted roof installations
  • They eliminate the risk of condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging
  • Electrically heated outlets are also available and are used in areas of permanent shadow and north facing buildings
  • The high insulation value of the Harmer outlet body reduces heat loss. This one-piece outlet body provides a completely watertight connection between the roof membrane and the rainwater pipe
  • The flange connection to the flat roof membrane creates a fully watertight connection and the domical grate permits the free flow of rainwater
  • Vertical, horizontal and graduated vertical spigot configurations are available along with the option to include a thermostatically controlled heating element

Materials & Finishes

  • Harmer Insulated outlets have a rigid polyurethane foam body, fused with an elastomeric bitumen flange. Alternative flange specifications are available for PVC, EPDM, TPO and EB roofing membranes
  • Insulated outlets are supplied with a black polyamide domical grate as standard. Aluminium flat grates are available for use in inverted roofs where the outlet is covered by paving on raised supports
  • A polyurethane extension piece, with bonded connecting flange, caters for alternative insulation thicknesses 

Installation & Maintenance

  • Harmer Insulated outlets are available with a flexible connecting membrane fused to the outlet body to seal to the bituminous or single ply roof waterproof membrane. An alternative to the connecting membrane is a clamping ring for sealing specialised single-ply membranes into the outlet mouth
  • They are easy to handle and fix and require minimal routine maintenance


How many roof outlets does my roof need?

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