Harmer Modulock Supports



Harmer Modulock is a fully engineered, self-levelling, raised pedestal system for supporting paving slabs, timber or plywood sheet decking at varying heights from the sub-structure.


Applications, Materials & Installation

  • Harmer Modulock is ideal for concealed drainage and the support of paving slabs, timber or sheet decking at varying heights from the sub-structure. It comprises 14 basic modules, each with supporting head and base component, allowing a wide range of void heights.
  • Modulock is designed for use in terraces, walkways, balconies and ballasted flat roof constructions. Modules are used either individually or in combination to give floor voids ranging from 37.5mm to 550mm
  • Irregular, uneven or sloping sub-bases can usually be easily surmounted by the system resulting in a new, level raised floor. The Modulock pedestal self-levelling head compensates for gradients up, and fine adjustment for both height and level is possible
  • Locating blades on the Modulock pedestal self-levelling head assist positioning of slabs and maintain open joints when required
  • Harmer Modulock is resistant to temperatures from -40 to +120 degrees and is UV stable, resistant to acids, watertight and resists mould and freeze-thaw
  • Modulock allows for accommodation of services and pipework beneath the floor such as electricity, gas & drainage channels etc

Materials & Finishes

  • Manufactured from polypropylene and rubber to provide an anti-noise and anti-slip bedding surface

Installation & Maintenance

  • Harmer Modulock is quick and easy to install and provides fast, efficient drainage through the open joints of the slabs to the concealed drainage below
  • Fine adjustments to levels can be made using the adjustment key
  • Harmer design software will assist with the exact specification and detailed layout of Modulock pedestals required on a project


What is the maximum slope that can be compensated for?

Roof slopes of up to 5° (i.e 1:11, or 8% slope) can be accommodated with the self-levelling head.

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