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Euroroof SupaGOLD

Euroroof SupaGOLD is a complete waterproofing system that provides long-term peace of mind; The standard warranty is 25 years, the first 10 of which are accompanied by an insurance backed guarantee, independently insured by an underwriter that is a member of the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Financial Ombudsman Service and the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Key Features & Applications

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  • The Euroroof SupaGOLD built-up warm roof system solution is ideal for roof refurbishment – to upgrade thermal performance, improve roof drainage and/or restore the water-tightness of the existing structure, or for new build applications.


  • The standard warranty period for Euroroof SupaGOLD is 25 years, the first 10 of which are independently insured.
  • A pre-paid insurance backed guarantee provides protection against latent product and installation defect (even in the event of contractor or manufacturer insolvency). The policy indemnity level is set to the full contract value of the roofing works.


  • The Euroroof SupaGOLD mineral surfaced high performance membrane will provide a durable roof waterproofing with a service life in excess of 25 years.
  • The Euroroof SupaGOLD and Supa XL membranes are formulated with a superior APP modification and heavy duty reinforcement, ensuring excellent resistance to puncture and UV degradation, designed to perform in the most severe conditions.


  • The Euroroof SupaGOLD system is installed exclusively by a select network of specialised Euroroof SupaGOLD Registered Contractors.


  • The APP-modified formulations of the Euroroof SupaGOLD cap sheet and underlay have been optimised for compatibility with the torch-on method of installation, facilitating an excellent bond to the substrate and optimum lap security for high wind uplift resistance. The high performance APP compound underpins the high softening point and low temperature flexibility. The membrane’s enhanced reinforcement assures 100% dimensional stability and gives it a high puncture resistance.

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