Caltech QC System



Caltech QC System is a fast curing, cold liquid applied waterproofing system for roofs, balconies and terraces. The fully reinforced, elastomeric system offers the maximum versatility in roof waterproofing with unique properties allowing it to be used all year round to waterproof all roof constructions, including zero pitch.

The system is suitable for both new build and roof refurbishment where its' compatibility with almost all existing substrates, including single ply, and it's single process application become invaluable.

This PMMA liquid system supported by an Alumasc warranty of up to 20 Years. This fast curing system (30-40minutes per coat) is applied in two coats without the need for the first coat to cure (i.e. wet on wet).

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Key Features & Applications

fast curing, cold applied liquid waterproofing system


    • Caltech QC System is suitable for all roof build ups and applications including, overlay, warm, inverted, buried and green roofs.


    • The system is compatible with virtually all roof substrates and is especially designed for overlay of single ply membranes, avoiding the risks, costs and disruption associated with removal.

Cold applied and rapid curing

    • In addition to no risks from hot works, the system can be applied all year round at temperatures down to 0°C with no significant extension of cure times.

Single process application

    • The single process application saves time on site and minimises risk from contamination.

Tough and durable

    • The system is highly durable and significantly increases the puncture resistance of the existing substrate including single ply roofs.

Colours and finishes

    • Caltech QC System is available in 2 standard colours with a range of optional smooth, anti-skid and heavy duty finishes in a wide range of textures and colours, with special colours produced to order

Quick Tip

What other cold-applied options do Alumasc provide?


Euroroof Caltech Liquid Waterproofing is also available. Caltech is a flame-free, single component, self-levelling polyurethane liquid waterproofing solution.  Cold applied to form an elastomeric, seamless membrane, Caltech will waterproof virtually any substrate. For more information click here

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