Roof-Pro's market-leading ancillary products provide a solution for a range of roof-top needs and functions and ensure that the finished roofing system is guaranteed to perform at its best.

PP-3 and Roof-nek risers offer watertight and insulated weatherproofing penetrations for pipe and cable entry in flat roof plant areas.

FlamLINE expansion joint tapes can be fully integrated and sealed into a range of roofing membranes.

Lite Anchor lightning conductor fixing is easy to install, securing lightning conductor tape to a flat roof membrane.

ProVent ventilation pipes provide a watertight flashing of the roofing membrane and an airtight extension of the soil above the roof.

ProFlash is a lead-free, polyethylene flashing that can be worked and formed in the same way as lead.

ProTrak integrated fixing point can be used with nearly all roof membranes, providing full integration and a universal fixing for supporting and securing most types of rails and bars.


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