Blackdown Intensive Green Roof

Intensive Green Roof


Blackdown intensive green roofs offer the benefits of a small urban park and support a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs. They provide recreational space for people and a rich habitat for wildlife.


Key Features & Applications

  • Blackdown Intensive green roofs replicate ground based landscaping for recreational use and are generally installed on new build schemes with roof and podium decks.
  • They usually consist of a mixture of hard and soft landscaping with lawns, water features, large shrubs and semi-mature trees all possible. 
  • As well as providing recreational space and a rich habitat for wildlife, intensive green roofs reduce water run-off. 
  • Blackdown green roofs comply with the UK’s GRO Green Roof Code of Best Practice 2011 and the German Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Facility (FLL) Guidelines.

Design, Planting & Waterproofing

  • Blackdown intensive green roofs have a typical substrate depth that ranges from 200-1500mm and require a permanent irrigation system and regular maintenance.
  • Blackdown intensive substrate is required; the substrate contains more organic matter than other green roof types, and is designed to support a wider variety of plants and trees.
  • Planting can include lawns, shrubs, edible plants, perennials and grasses, small deciduous trees and conifers. Planting type and size determines required irrigation system and soil depth.
  • Waterproofing options include Hydrotech hot-melt structural waterproofing, Derbigum high performance membranes and Euroroof Mastergold membranes.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Blackdown green roofs can be installed by Alumasc's nationwide network of Registered Contractors
  • Blackdown intensive green roofs are designed to accommodate the imposed loads of a full roof garden and require regular irrigation, personnel access and regular maintenance. The maintenance regime depends on the plant species installed.
  • Warranties are available for the Alumasc waterproofing system used in the green roof build up.

Typical Planting Options

Featured Project

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