Caltech QC Balconies

Typical QC Balcony


Caltech QC High Performance Balcony Systems comprise a range of rapid curing two-component, cold-applied, reinforced PMMA waterproofing solutions available in a wide range of colours and multiple finish options to meet your aesthetic or safety requirements. Caltech QC has a proven track record of more than 20 years and is subject to the highest levels of certification and testing. Our systems are designed for a variety of applications for use across all building sectors in both refurbishment and new-build waterproofing projects.

Key Features & Applications

Fully reinforced waterproofing membrane

    • Caltech QC Balcony System is a unique technology provides the system with exceptional tensile strength and long term resistance to regular and unforeseen movement, cracking and flexural fatigue.

Long term protection

    • The seamless system is resistant to standing and ponding water (hydrolysis) and is designed for buried applications including with cementitious overburden.

Substrate compatibility - including asphalt

    • The system is compatible with virtually all existing substrates.
    • Proven track record in overlaying failed asphalt, avoiding the risks, costs and disruption associated with asphalt removal and reinstatement.

Cold applied and rapid curing – even at low temperatures

    • No risks from hot works
    • Exceptionally rapid cure times minimise access restrictions
    • All year round installation with minimum risk - minimal extension of cure times when applied at 0°C and cures below 0°C

Quick Tip

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Euroroof Caltech Liquid Waterproofing is also available. Caltech is a flame-free, single component, self-levelling polyurethane liquid waterproofing solution. Cold applied to form an elastomeric, seamless membrane, Caltech will waterproof virtually any substrate. For more information click here

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