Derbigum Olivine Membrane



Derbigum Olivine High Performance Roofing Systems comprise a premium CO2 neutralising reinforced APP polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, underlays, insulation boards and air and vapour control layers (AVCL). Derbigum has a proven track record since 1967 and is subject to the highest levels of certification and testing. Using a variety of installation methods and build-ups systems are designed to meet the individual requirements of every project for use across all building sectors in both refurbishment and new-build roofing and waterproofing projects.

Key Features & Applications

  • Derbigum Olivine membranes, have a naturally occurring mineral upper layer that neutralises carbon dioxide via an irreversible chemical reaction when it comes into contact with rainfall 
  • The Olivine grains decrease in size with each reaction, however the grains are large enough to last 30 years before having completely reacted
  • Derbigum Olivine membranes are 100% recyclable
  • BBA approved with fully warranted systems available with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years
  • Suitable for flame-free and cold application to warm roofs with metal, concrete or plywood decks and inverted roofs with concrete decks
  • The high melt point ensures membrane stability in the hottest weather whilst the polyester/glass fibre reinforcement provides high tensile strength
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Membranes & Insulation

  • Derbigum Olivine mineral membrane
  • Insulation choice includes PIR, mineral wool, cork, cork/PIR composite and extruded polystyrene to suit specification and U-value parameters
  • A wide range of underlays are available, providing superior built-up roofing solutions
  • The single layer option offers a higher performance alternative to PVC single ply

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installed by a network of Registered Contractors
  • Built-up systems comprise torch applied membrane with torched laps, single layer systems comprise a cold bonded or mechanically fixed membrane with laps sealed by torch, hot air welding or in cold mastic
  • Options for completely flame-free, high speed spray installation are available, achieving 1000+ sq. m per day
  • Only minimal routine maintenance is required

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