Harmer AV Roof Outlets



Harmer AV metal roof outlets are available with a choice of spigot or screw connection for vertical discharge and are suited to regular flat roofing applications.


Applications, Materials & Installation

  • Harmer AV outlets provide flat roof drainage for warm, cold and inverted roofs and are ideal for connection to all waterproofing systems
  • They can be used on flat roof structures with insitu cast concrete, timber or lightweight metal deck
  • AV outlets are available with a choice of spigot or screw connection and are designed to connect to individual downpipes
  • Screw outlets are recommended where connection to the outlet occurs within the thickness of the concrete slab, where a completely gas-tight seal is required 
  • They are not to be used in managed (i.e. siphonic) rainwater systems

Materials & Finishes

  • Harmer AV outlets are precision cast in aluminium silicon alloy LM6 to BSEN 1559:1997. Aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • The life expectancy of aluminium is 40 years in rural/suburban areas and up to 25 years in industrial/marine areas
  • The Harmer AV outlet body (fully concealed after installation) is supplied in mill finish aluminium. They are also available in a gunmetal specification to connect to copper pipework and for copper or lead-clad roofs
  • The AV outlet grate is polyester powder coated in blue; clamping collar is coated in yellow
  • Domical grates are supplied as standard; flat grates are available

Installation & Maintenance

  • Harmer AV flat roof outlets are easy to handle and fix and require minimal routine maintenance
  • An AV Retro-Gulley outlet is available for flat roof refurbishment

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