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Hydrotech 6125 High Performance Roofing Systems comprise a one-component, hot-applied, fully reinforced, flexible, self-healing hot melt monolithic membrane, a range of bituminous protection sheets, insulation boards and ancillary products. Hydrotech 6125 has an unbeatable track record of more than 50 years and is subject to the highest levels of certification and testing. MM6125 is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers with 30% recycled content. Applied in a liquid state to the substrate the bond is 100% absolute and seamless. Our systems are designed to meet the individual requirements of every project for use across all building sectors primarily for new-build roofing and waterproofing projects.

Key Features & Applications

  • Zero product failures in over 50 years, the Hydrotech hot-melt system offers lifetime performance
  • The Hydrotech MM6125 hot-melt system provides seamless waterproofing ideal for high-performance green roofs, podiums and highly detailed waterproofing or water feature schemes
  • This BBA approved, fully warranted system is designed to last for the lifetime of the structure it is applied to, has European Technical Approval
  • Hydrotech MM6125 is available in an FM approved assembly (strictly as per FM RoofNav Listing 1512-48527-0) where required, upon application. For more information, contact www.hydrotechusa.com
  • Hydrotech MM6125 is self healing in the event of minor penetrations and is made of 100% solids, which means no curing time, no mixing and no solvents
  • The Hydrotech system fully bonds to the structure avoiding any chance of water tracking, and its monolithic nature ensures no possibility of lap failures
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Membrane & Insulation

  • Hydrotech MM6125 is a 6mm thick bituminous rubber blend system with inter-laid reinforcement and a fully bonded cap sheet
  • Hydrotech is used with extruded polystyrene insulation to suit specification and U-value parameters
  • Samples are available on request

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installed by a nationwide network of Hydrotech Registered Contractors
  • Hydrotech MM6125 is fast and simple to apply over complex roof details and around penetrations. Details at upstands can be completed first to allow other trades to proceed, and homogeneous day to day laps allow work to be executed out of sequence
  • Hydrotech MM6125 can be laid at low temperatures (down to  -18°C for winter installations)
  • Only minimal routine maintenance is required

Featured Project

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