Harmer Cast Iron Roof Outlets



Harmer Cast Iron Roof outlets provide a practical solution to many building drainage applications. Inherently strong, cast iron is an ideal choice for load-bearing applications.


Applications, Materials & Installation

  • The Medium Sump range is a compact outlet body in vertical and horizontal variations; the Large Sump range provides a deeper sump for 100 and 150mm vertical pipe; the Two-Way Outlet is suitable for use in a parapet wall construction
  • Provides flat roof drainage for warm, cold and inverted roofs. For flat roof structures with insitu cast concrete, timber or lightweight metal deck construction
  • Ideal for use with copper and lead clad roofs where the risk of bi-metallic corrosion is high and load bearing applications where rainwater outlets are exposed to vehicular traffic
  • Ideal for connection to continuous waterproofing systems (single layer, built-up felt, mastic asphalt or single ply) and fully compatible with Harmer SML lightweight cast iron systems and all other types of pipework
  • The Harmer cast iron range is cast to BS EN 1561 and is suitable for most types of flat roof drainage
  • Designated load rating up to 12.5 tonnes
  • Medium and large sump outlet bodies are available with varying flow rate capacity

Materials & Finishes

  • The crystallised nature of cast iron gives the material very high strength and robustness and once installed cast iron components resist impact damage, even in exposed areas
  • All Harmer cast iron clamps and grates are surface treated using a sherardizing zinc coating which provides an extremely hard wearing anti corrosive finish
  • Domical grates are made from UK-stable polypropylene to give long life service
  • Two way outlet rectangular grate available in sherardized cast iron, nickel bronze or mill finish aluminium
  • Aluminium grates can be polyester powder coated upon request

Installation & Maintenance

  • Easy and quick to install and low maintenance

Quick Tip

Which roof materials can I use with cast iron roof outlets?

Cast Iron roof outlets are suitable for use with all types of roofing materials including copper and lead clad roofs.

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